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    Sisai Spanish School has been among the best Spanish schools in Xela Guatemala since 1989. All classes are private one-on-one.

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    The best value for your money -  Xela Guatemala. For weekly Spanish lessons tuition includes 25 hours of 1-on-1 instructions,.

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    Learning Spanish in Guatemala is fun, especially when it is total immersion living in Xela Guatemala. SISAI offers a small.

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    Package Pricing We request a minimum of 2-hours per week to optimize your Spanish lessons. 5 hours package $68 10.

Welcome to the SISAI Spanish School

Want to learn Spanish in Guatemala?
Looking for an authentic total immersion experience?

The best place to learn Spanish in Guatemala is in Xela at SISAI Spanish School.

Since 1989, this award winning Spanish school has been teaching Spanish to the world for 30 years!

The school offers 25-hours of Spanish lessons per week in a welcoming family atmosphere.

All classes are custom tailored one-on-one Spanish lessons.

All levels of Spanish are offered; from beginners to advanced.

This includes business, medical, social work and university accredited courses, just to name a few.

While studying Spanish at SISAI, you will learn to speak, read, listen and comprehend Spanish.

You will also learn about the culture, history, and political aspects of Guatemala.

Our teachers are university-educated and certified in teaching Spanish.

The school is a not-for-profit cooperative Spanish school.

This means part of your tuition is put into the scholarship program called Educación Para Los Niños.

Often times a family cannot afford to pay for the uniform, shoes, backpacks, or school supplies.

That means the child cannot attend school.

The SISAI scholarship program supports 75 local families by helping their children attend elementary and high school.

The SISAI philosophy:
We strongly believe that social change can only be accomplished through education.

That is why we believe in helping local families through our scholarship program and are devoted to the students who attend SISAI Spanish School.

We are dedicated to teaching people around the world the history, politics and cultural aspects of Guatemala; using our total immersion Spanish program oriented toward students of all levels.

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