Small Family Atmosphere:
What makes SISAI stand out among other Spanish schools is the personalized attention that the teachers provide to every student.  You are not a number here, you are family! Whatever you need, each teacher will help you and personally assist you.  And we must also mention Doña Maria who is the school’s “mother”, looking after all the students while in class. You often find her making a special herbal tea for students, or going out of her way to make sure they have a comfortable chair.

Community Support:
A percentage of your tuition is set aside to help local children attend schools in Xela and surrounding pueblos. Although school is free in Guatemala, the cost of uniforms, notebooks, pens and pencils are not always affordable for the families. SISAI Spanish School helps to provide these items and other forms of support to 60+ children in Xela each year.  Some of the older children being sponsored have been with SISAI for many years, and would likely not be in school were it not for the support of the portion of tuition that goes to this cause.

Our philosophy:
We strongly believe that social change can only be accomplished through education. We are dedicated to teach people around the world the history, politics and cultural aspects of Guatemala, using our total immersion Spanish study program oriented toward students of all levels.

New Name

Estimados amigos:
Anunciamos cambios en nuestra organización por la evolución y crecimiento de nuestra escuela, tenemos un nuevo logotipo y nombre que nos identifican más a nuestro campo. Buscamos la calidad máxima en la enseñanza del Idioma Español.
El nuevo diseño representa un esfuerzo por parte de todos para marcar una nueva etapa en nuestra historia.
El nuevo nombre es: SISAI acrónimo de Sistema Académico Intercultural.
El nuevo logo: Representa el árbol sagrado de los mayas siendo La Ceiba. En la imagen se concibe el pensamiento maya sobre el inframundo, el mundo y el supra mundo.

Dear friends,
We’d like to announce some changes in our organization. For the evolution and growth of our school, we have a new logo and name that identify more with what we stand for. The new design represents an effort on our part to mark a new phase in our story.

He have changed the name from JUAN SISAY to SISAI, an acronym for Intercultural Academic System. (Sistema Académico Intercultural)

The new logo represents the tree sacred to the mayans, the Cieba. The image conveys the Mayan belief of the underworld, the world and the heavens.