logo_small_32_crop1. The teachers at SISAI are university educated and certified  in teaching Spanish. They are also the friendliest in Guatemala, and you won’t find a closer community of students, teachers, and friends, at any other Spanish school!

2. Every afternoon there are activities to show you the real Guatemala. It is a great time to socialize and make new friends.  The teachers are the guides, not a hired 3rd party tour group. You will be able to practice your Spanish without inhibitions because you are in a comfortable environment.

3. Our mid-morning conferences are a great time to learn about Guatemalan culture and history, and provide a nice break from one-on-one focus to allow students to work on listening comprehension and hang out with other students

4. Beautiful, centrally located school with indoor and outdoor study areas, conference area, and free internet.

5. Our collective non-profit organization gives back to the community.  A portion of your  tuition dollars help to send a local child to school. School is not mandatory in Guatemala. Many families in Guatemala cannot afford the school supplies and uniforms and therefore do not send their children to school.  Sisai Spanish School knows the importance of an education and supports 75 children from elementary school through secondary (high school) in their education costs.

Why Xela over Antigua?

6. Experience the real Guatemala. Escape the tourist scene and come live in a real city, with normal people, businesses, and everyday life

7. Less English – more Spanish!  Xela has fewer tourists than Antigua, which means you are less likely end up in conversations with another English-speaker in Xela.

8. Cheaper. Costs in Xela are very low.  However, as a larger city, a wide variety of high quality restaurants and goods and services are still available

9. Better for a serious student or traveler: After years of experience, we simply know that serious students and travelers almost always prefer studying in Xela. Here you can blend into real Guatemalan life and find thousands of Guatemalans not jaded by tourism and happy to talk about whatever you like.

10. More volunteer opportunities. With an estimated population of 250,000, Quetzaltenango has a distinctly more urban feel than Antigua.  Xela offers a wide array of cultural, volunteer and social opportunities not to be found in smaller locales such as Antigua or Lago Atitlan.

Why SISAI vs. Spanish schools in Antigua

11. An extra hour per day of study at cheaper prices. SISAI’s standard program is 5-hours of study each day, while most Antigua schools offer only 4 hours.

12. Much cheaper home-stays. SISAI’s home-stays cost $55 per week, and include three meals per day, seven days a week. Antigua home-stays average about $75 and usually do not include food on the weekends.

13. Since there is an abundance of foreigners in Antigua, many host families’ dwellings are more like a hotel than actually living with a family.  Not only will you feel part of the family, SISAI’s host families will cater to your dietary needs – vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc…