Classes are typically 5 hours of one-on-one teaching every day, Monday through Friday, designed to work at your level to provide the optimum curriculum for you and your goals for learning Spanish. Classes begin at 8 am and end at 1 pm.  There is a 30 minute break each morning.  Twice a week there is a 30 minute morning mini conference after the break. Your experience will take place both inside and outside the classroom.

Our Goal:

Provide students with the proper skills in order to have a full immersion in the culture, with special emphasis on the abilities to understand, read and speaking Spanish.

Lesson Plans:

Each week your instructor will write a lesson plan, and will review it with you. There will be occasional assessments to help determine areas that you may need additional focus or practice. This content will then be added into your weekly lesson plans. The daily notes from all of your lessons will be provided to you for your own study, as well as future review and study once you have completed your time at Sisai Spanish school. At the end of your study  you will receive all of your lesson plans to take home for your records.


Bring a backpack, notebook, pens/pencils and dictionary. Some students bring an iPad with dictionary and verb conjugation applications. The school also has an extensive library with grammar and reference books, dictionaries and literary masterpieces written by Latin American authors, such as Gabriel García Marquez, Mario Vargas Llosa and Miguel Angel Asturias. You can also find the translation of the “Popol Vuh” an ancient text containing the mythology of Quiché people. All the books in the library are available for checkout. A $10 deposit is required and will be refunded upon return of the book(s).

If you need to bring a special book recommended by your university for a certain class,  SISAI Spanish School will adapt your learning system to accommodate those needs.

Mini Conferences:

Mid-morning each Wednesday and Friday morning, a 30-minute mini conference is offered. These
 are designed to help further your listening skills in Spanish while learning about Guatemala.  Wednesday mini-conferences
 are translated by an intermediate or advanced student. This provides and excellent opportunity for all 
students. The mini conferences consist of many topics about Guatemala, from Mayan history to current Guatemala governmental policies.

Welcome reception:

Before beginning instruction, Yaneth meets with all new students in a group to personally welcome them to the school and go over some guidelines and suggestions for making the most of your time in Xela.  In addition, all of the students and teachers gather together to introduce themselves, welcome the new students, and review the weekly activity schedule each Monday morning.

La Pausa:

There is a 30 minute break each day, midway through daily lessons, during which fresh “pan” (bread, pastries) are provided. Doña Isabel
 prepares high-quality morning snacks for a cost of Q3 – Q5 (less than a dollar). This can be tamales, tortillas with homemade 
guacamole, or empanadas… just to name a few!


Sisai is a small school, which provides the opportunity to mix and mingle and meet other students from all over the world who share a common goal… to speak Spanish.  Every Friday afternoon or evening a graduation party is hosted by the school. All students who are completing their studies receive a custom diploma, and their achievements are recognized by their specific instructors, the entire staff, and other students. The friends that you make here at Sisai Spanish School will be memorable!