Coronavirus Self Quarantine – Learn Spanish While Staying Home

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus has changed the way we live.

State and local governments requesting (mandating in some countries) that everyone stays home and only leaves the house for essentials, such as food.

We might as well make the best of the situation and do the things we have been putting off because we have been too busy.

Maybe one of those things is to learn Spanish.

Why not learn Spanish from the comfort of your home with Skype classes?

Take Skype classes from a Spanish teacher living in Guatemala!

Did you know that Guatemala is ranked one of the Top 5 best places to learn Spanish?

The best place to learn Spanish in Guatemala is at SISAI Spanish School.

Since 1989, this award-winning Spanish school has been teaching Spanish to the world for more than 30 years!

Not only does SISAI Spanish School offer Spanish lessons on campus, but they also offer Spanish lessons via Skype classes 7 days a week and at a very reasonable price.

SISAI teachers are university-educated and certified in teaching Spanish.

The school is a legitimate registered school by the Guatemala government.

Learn more about Skype packages and to register.

Maybe this will be the beginning of something new and enriching in your life!

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