SISAI Spanish School is a well established business in the community which has a lot of volunteer connections throughout the Xela area. There are numerous volunteer opportunities in and around Xela. Please let us know that you are interested in volunteering or perhaps taking on a non-paid internship position.  We will be happy to help connect you with volunteer or internship programs that meet your needs.

A portion of your tuition money goes to support these SISAI projects:

  • Educación Para Los Niños – is a scholarship program benefiting the children of Xela.
  • We always need volunteers to help these students with English and math. Also, if you have any gently used children’s clothes and shoes you would like to donate please let us know!
  • 145Reforestation – an environmental project to help sustain the local forests.In 1993 SISAI Spanish School developed a project of social responsibility called “The SISAI Reforestation Project” which aims to train a team involving students and teachers from the school to help with reforesting Xela’s city forests for current and future generations. The project organizes, coordinates and conducts reforestation each year, with the support of the administration, teachers and students of  SISAI . Throughout the years we have reforested several mountains around Quetzaltenango:  El Baúl, La Muela,  La Granja Penal,  Los Vahos… just to name a few. Our aim is to work with the environment and to keep breathing fresh air. Each year we plant either pine trees, fir trees or eucalyptus trees depending on which mountain is going to be reforested. We also give talks and lectures at the elementary schools to instill in children a love of nature and environmental conservation.If you are interested in the reforestation project and would like to participate, please contact the school for the dates of the next reforestation planting.

We  encourage students to participate and volunteer in these programs.  All of this is part of the total immersion experience and will help to expand your Spanish speaking experience.


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